The Petra Palace Hotel is ideally located in the town of Wadi Musa, very close to Petra’s Visitors’ Centre, less than 300 meters from the entrance to the breathtaking ancient city of Petra. Petra is about 240km away from the capital city Amman (about 2hrs. & 45 min. drive via the Desert Highway) & only 130 km from the Red Sea resort of Aqaba (about 1hr. & 45 min. drive).


The Petra Palace Hotel Google coordinates ( 30.325522,35.472085 )


From the 7th circle-roundabout in Amman- reset your odometer & head south on the main Desert Highway (route 15) towards the Airport road. Follow Aqaba sign all throughout on the main highway -written in Arabic as
العقبة - till Petra/Wadi Musa’s exit sign. The drive from Amman till Petra’s exit is (193 km/about 2 hrs) & from Petra’s exit to Petra/Wadi Musa, it’s (55 km/about 45 minutes drive). After about one hour drive from Amman (103 km) you should pass by Al Qatrana gas station-Petra Touristic complex, followed by Sultani. 90 km onwards you ought to reach Petra/Wadi Musa’s exit. Take the exit and follow Petra sign. After 21 km (about 20 minutes) you should pass by Ash Shawbak & after 34 km (about 25 min. drive) you should reach Petra/Wadi Musa. Drive downhill through the town of Wadi Musa till the end, following Petra sign where you would reach our hotel, which is located 300 meters on the main street, before Petra’s Visitors’ Centre.